I am looking for a metal guitar that is good for down tuning. I am tired of downtuning my Gibson SG standard every time that I want to play death metal/deathcore/black metal/Thrash/etc. I am looking for a "metal" looking guitar that can handle being down tuned. Another important feature I am looking for is it has to be good for shreding (sweep picking/alternate picking/etc. ) I am open to new ideas as long as the guitar you guys reccommend fits the above criteria, I have about $600 dollars to blow on this.

Oh, and is this any good? The Jackson KVX10 King V

How low do you want to tune? My question is what guitar/scale/string setup one would need for drop A tuning?
yes, that jackson is good however i recomend a jackson dinky dkmg however almost all jacksons will be good for it.
If you'll only use one tuning, then the Jackson's fine, otherwise, no.
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id say look into some ESP LTD EC-500s or MH-500.
very high quality guitars, great for metal (EMGs), and the EC also has an EMG 60 which is a great clean/jazz/blues pickup as well.
Relitivly thin necks, great upper fret access.

or a shecter hellraiser (used?) or C-1
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if ur gonna use the guitar for like a couple drop tunings then u need a hard tail (no trem) (some people dont know what hard tail means) cause other wise u will have a set up the guitar every time u de tune so but im also in ur situation and im dead set on the C-1 hell raiser vary good guitar but just go to like GC and play a bunch
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