hey guys. I was at guitar center yesterday and saw a jcm2000 DSL 50. It was used and for sale at 700 bucks. The sales guy said the 16 ohm output doesn't work but the 4 ohm works fine. He said he could probably knock down the price and sell it as is or get it repaired and sell it for 700.

What could be wrong?

How much might it cost for me to get it fixed?

Is it worth it?

I want to run a 2 12 cab, would I be better off using 4 or 16 ohms?

Any other thoughts? Thanks guys.
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That's a good deal. Go for it.
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you could probably fix it yourself. It really should not be that hard to fix...

but even getting it repaired for $700, thats a great deal anyway. I like the DSL line, solid heads.
I'll just say i got my dsl-100 used for $650 with no problems and with new power tubes. I think you can get it a little cheaper if you look, but if you really want it then just have him fix it.