I recently found out why my agile al-2000 sounds to muddy on my roland microcube
it is because the pickups blow.. i know that the amp rocks it really does,and so does the guitar. I just need new pickups. i also use a boss ds-1 pedal and it sort of improves the sound but i only use that for clean to dist changes.

My ibanez rg2 ex1 sounds great on it and it uses passive emgs(yuck)
btw ibanez broke into 2 pieces.

soo what pickups are good for this sort of sound?


i love that power chord sound it sounds soo rich and full, help me get this sound if possible. I play System of a down, offspring, guns and roses, Lordi, greenday, 3 doors down, stuff like that.

Im new to pickup swaps and i dunno how much it cost to replace them i dont know this whole process at all and i need help. Give me a pretty accurate # to how much it will cost plz. Thanks

ps. this is not a letter and sorry for cramming all of that info up there
Well in that vid the guy uses a Line 6 Spider II...those can be had for really cheap prices these days.
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but every says spiders are pieces of junk and to stay away from them. and that is not the question i had asked. do u know of any pickups?