ok so first of i need some advise i wanna get a bugera 333xl 212 for christmas but since i bought my spider a year ago their like "no u dont need a new amp now" Now being the key word. So does any one have some advise of how i should go about persuading them to let me buy the amp. and for the record im gonna be payin for like 70%-80% of the $700 price tag so they aren't paying for the whole thing.

Second how does the epipi les paul ultra compare to like a gibson studio

thanks ahead of time
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just sell your amp and then you can be like...so...ya...i guess i need a new amp now.
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just sell your amp and then you can be like...so...ya...i guess i need a new amp now.


at least tell them you wanna sell your current amp and while you are trying to sell it, get the new one. that would work for my parents if i was like i highschhol or somthing...but im 30..haha
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Explain to them why you want the new amp, tell them about how much difference the tone makes, and convince them that a new better amp is as important to your playing as anything else. If nothing works, just save up some cash and pay the extra 20% yourself
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I guess this same thread from the other day didnt get the answers you were looking for.