I'm not sure if this is the best spot to post this, but I have an issue when I sing while playing.

I'm not sure how to practice playing while singing, but the way I have been doing it is taking songs that I know the lyrics to well enough with a simplistic chord progression. But I've noticed that my biggest problem is that, I often strum with the syllables in the lyrics of the song, or something like that. Either way, I have trouble knowing how to strum in accordance to the song.

For example, I was playing "Jugband Blues" by Pink Floyd the other day, and I found myself only strumming once when I was singing, and while that actually helped me, I found it quite lazy as it didn't really emphasize the guitar portion of the song. I also get confused if I strum too many or too little times...

So, I guess what I'm asking is, is there any practice or technique anyone can help with to help me strum better with the song(not just Jugband Blues, but with all songs)?

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dave mustaine says to talk the lyrics and play the song.
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i have the same problem. i can sing a little bit with very basic chord progressions and rhythms but beyond that, i can't do it. i always end up both singing out of tune and messing up the rhythm. dunno what to tell you though, sorry =\
if you play the song enough times, just the music on its own, really master it, then move up to not lookin, then tlakin it out, then singin...you should be fine.
start with songs where the words follow the guitar part exactly. i know it's a completley different genre, but iron man is a good start, then paranoid or something similar where it's a super-simple strumming pattern with words that don't follow the strumming pattern. then gradually move on to harder songs with harder patterns.

learn the guitar part inside out first, so that you don't have to think about it while you play.
then learn the melody/words seperate.
then put them together, starting slowly and building up speed, as with anything in music.

hope this helps.
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the way i manage it is just play the music over and over until it becomes engrained on your sub-conscious so that you sing the song and the guitar becomes a natural accompaniment. easier said than done, naturally, but i find this way of working very helpful.
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Start with a really easy song (Hey There Delilah, etc.), just to get used to playing whilst singing.

Then try a more complex song where the lyrics seem to follow the same structure as the guitar (Red Hot Chili Peppers are quite good for this I found)

Then I guess the next step is to try other stuff, like strumming, etc.

To be honest, I've got up to stage two of my plan, I still seem to be only able to concentrate on my strumming or my vocals once at a time.

Learning the guitar part so you can play it without thinking helps a lot too.
To those suggesting one part at time, I think I'll try that .

And Calabur, I have that problem, I can only concentrate on singing the vocals correctly or keeping the correct strumming pattern at once, not at the same time.

Also, I did some videos a while ago, some of them crappy solo covers, others full songs. This is one of the songs I covered and I'm curious if you guys can tell me if I'm doing it right, or at least, if it sounds good enough

Also, this wasn't a ploy to get people to see my videos, so, don't accuse me of that <__<.
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One thing to try is, learn the guitar part and try and make sure you can play it fully whilst looking at the tv all the way through. If you mess up on it because you're not looking at the fretboard etc you probably wont beable to sing it.

And ofcourse you need to beable to sing the song all the way through knowing the lyrics.
Blackbird by The Beatles is a good one for learning to sing and play. The shapes are kinda complex at first, but once you get it down, the melody follows the lyrics perfectly.

The way I do it is to treat the lyrics as though it's part of the guitar (if that makes sense). Like, as I'm practicing each section, I do it slowly with the lyrics, and if I mess up, I go back until I have it down, then move on to the next section.

It just takes practice, you'll get it.
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