Hello all.

Today I downloaded Power Tabs and got the song Maha Kali by Dissection for it. I pressed play and it sounded exactly like it does in the song. Yet as I try and play just one guitar part, it sounds nothing like it. I can't recognize it as part of the song. Its so frustrating.

Has anyone looked at this tab before? I'm tuned right. Some riffs sound find, but the song as a whole doesn't for me. Does it just sound off because it has 2 guitars throughout it all? Its confusing and frustrating. I assumed that maybe it just sounds off because it is 2 guitars. So I tried learning just one guitar part. Though its hard to learn 1 guitar part when it sounds completely wrong as your playing it. I can never be sure if I'm playing it right, because it always sounds wrong.

Almost every tab that isn't Power Tab is always wrong. I either have to change things myself, or sometimes its so off and butchered I still don't know where to start on the song.

I've read a bit in tab forums and no one seems to have any problems. Does anyone else find that almost every piece of tablature they run into is wrong? Or am I alone? If you don't have any problems with tab, how is that? Am I doing something wrong?

I feel I'm just not getting something about playing guitar tab that other people are. I've looked up tab to at least 50 songs and have only came out with 5 tabs.

I've spent countless hours on the song Where Dead Angels Lie. I've been trying to figure out what the exact tab is for it. I've watched tons of peoples youtube videos, videos of the song lived, listened to the song and the live song countless times trying to tab things myself, I've looked up tons of different tabs for it, I've had my guitar teacher try and tab it. There are still parts that I know I'm playing wrong. Its so frustrating. I don't even like that song anymore because I've listened to it and played it for hours straight. Its frustrating. Is it like this for everyone trying to tab a song?

Does no one else run into this? Does anyone have any good Dissection tabs?

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