Hey everybody. I'm looking for either a program or any sound bit or something to accompany me while I play. I've been using band in a box and I'm not that pleased with it, it sounds way to fake. What does everyone else use/recommend. Thanks.
i sometimes get jam tracks from guitarbt.com or record myself playing rhythm sections and jamming over those
if you know how to use midi try mixcraft.
its got many samples ready for use and you can record at the same time
There's a few sites out there that offer what you're looking for. Just google "free online guitar backing tracks"

I think justinguitar.com has some too.
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I've been developing a custom backing track app for android devices. It allows you to create custom chord progressions and play them back or play along with them. There is also a metronome and drum track as well as some other features. It's not complete, but a lot of the functionality is there. I decided to create this app for myself to practice with because I couldn't find a good android app that would allow me to create my own chord progressions. Hopefully it will help someone else also.

It's called Chord Progression Studio FREE and you can find it on the Google Play store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.carljohnfredProductions.ChordProgressionStudioFree
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BIAB is awesome.

Your link Cj leads to "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server."

Looks neat though. Is it ad based?
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I fixed the link - it had a space in it for some reason. No ads. It's really just a personal project that combines my two favorite hobbies - guitar and programming
Very cool. I will download immediately.
(I hate ads and would rather pay for an app)