I just got my first tube amp, and I am noticing loud buzz. I never experienced this buzz on my sipder3, but that may because the noise gate is not as good on my jsx.

I also noticed that when I touch the pickup mounting on my guitar, the buzz is drastically cut. I am assuming this is some sort of grounding problem on my guitar. I recently replaced the bridge pickup, and may of screwed something up grounding wise.

I looked in the cavity of the guitar and there was only 2 wires that were just floating in the cavity. one was like that when I bought that guitar. The other I left there when I put in the pickup because that's what is said to do on the wiring diagram.

No matter what position the pickup selector is in, I still have the same buzz that cuts out when I touch the pickup cover, so it not just 1 pickup (i think).

Do you think a shop could fix it if I just gave it to them and told them about the buzz? It just sem like it would be hard to isolate exactly what the problem is.

edit: also, the buzz stop whenever I touch anything metal on the amp
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try a different guitar on your amp and see if it solves the problem. or just take your amp to a studio or a friend's house where you know there is certain grounding . then you know if it's cause of your house's electrical lines or your guitar's wiring problem.
Yeah sounds like a problem with the guitar to me. Try a different guitar.

My JSX is pretty damn quiet unless I've got the gain cranked all the way up, so it really shouldn't be the amp.