My real forte is bass. Only recently have I picked up guitar. I have a epiphone les paul standard.

As of now I'm running it throught my SWR LA-15 bass amp. It sounds okay, but it's not the most desirable sound I've ever heard. As for distortion, I'm using a boss ODB-3 bass overdrive, and for my why a dunlop 105Q bass wah.

What do you suggest for a decent upgrade. I'd assume that a guitar amp will have the most noticable impact on tone, but go ahead and suggest a new pedal if you think that will make a big difference too.

The only major constraint is nothing too big, I won't have a lot of room where I'm living next year. The amp would primarily be used for practice, jam sessions, and small gigs.
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well your first problem is ur using bass equipment, so get a small combo amp with a built in distortion channel, just go to a guitar store and test some out, and then look into getting guitar pedals such as a wah, or other effects, i wouldnt get any distortion pedals yet because you have your amp for that. when you feel you need to upgrade after that, then look into distortion pedals and/or a new amp
A Roland Cube 30 or a Valvetronix would be good. Small enough, not too expensive. Solid state yes, but top of the line solid state. Just make sure not to get anything lower than the 30 if you go Cube. The 15 and 20 tones and effects are awful for some reason. It's like they don't put as much QA in to them. The Microcube is has amazing settings and volume for such a small amp though. Also check out the Vox DA5. I have one and love it.
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budget is whatever is necessary for a good purchase, within reason. Preferably 200-300 US$

And my music and style kinda varies from rock to blues/jazz.
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I once told a Metallica fan I liked Megadeth, and he stabbed me 42 times.