those are crap pics.
no one will be able to identify it with those pics.
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A Jazzmaster, or a Jaguar? Can`t see it.

Nah, the cutaway comes to a point. Neat body though.
Mod the hell out of it and name it yourself. See what you can do about the dents at the bottom while you're at it, but I'd try to preserve the finish if I could, it looks nice.
By the looks of it is probably an import from the '60s or 70's from one of the many companies that supplied student guitars at a cheap price. You can search on Ebay for guitars like Teisco, Kay, Guyatone ect and you might find a guitar similar to that one if not that one.

No they aren't rare and aren't worth alot, but they're neat.

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Not sure, but whatever it is it looks pretty cool. You should restore it, then post better pics! =D
Looks like a Kay from the mid to late '60s. I got one almost identical to it in my profile pics.

Don't repaint it.

edit: Look at the one in my profile. They have the same type of bridge and tailpiece, controls, and even pups. More pics of mine to come...
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I'm pretty sure it's a really old Teisco. I have a guitar in my garage that looks alot like that one.
looks like a bass. is that an electric guitar?
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It's a harmony guitar, I got one last week for $20

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