okay a while back i made a thread called how to deal with chavs and i got loads of help from you guys in the pit on how to deal with the chavs down my road.

the chav got his ****y motorbike taken away by the police yesterday and his mum and him are gonna have to sign some social contract thing. and even a police man reckoned he was a little **** cos when he was talking to his mom aabout the incident he was smurking and couldn't have cared less. so all in all a result. but the other day they scratched my dads brand new london cab (yes he is a cab driver) and they did the same to my neighbours cars. me and my dad were gonna go over and smash his bike but he got it taken away.

i've just come up with an idea to scare the little **** here it is: i can print off a sheet saying we know were you live and smear it with animal blood (pig) and nail it to his garage door through a pigs heart. think it will work?
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Lmfao. Sick idea.

But, you obviously know where he lives...so say something scarier, like...I know who you are or something.
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Too be he had to be a dick about his crayons.
load ur shotgun and shoot him instead, less effort
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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