What is the game called with the guy with the floating fists and feet?

Right, so I remember playing a game that had the main guy having no arms or legs, but he had floating fists and feet. It was a side scrolling game, and if you powered up the punch you could throw your fist?

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's UG
Rain Man.
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everybody loves rayman
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Killing a man and then tearing off his limbs with your bare hands, before resurrecting him as some kind of healable god-zombie.

Nah, i think it MIGHT have been Rayman. Screw that, let's just pretend it's what i crossed out, yeah?
1: It's Rayman
2: There's an only game thread, go there next time.
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Rain Man.

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Rayman. Damn, that was a good game. So many memories...
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Rayman pwns

this thread gives me flashbacks to many a year ago when i was playing Rayman 1.

Trippy levels FTW

*looks for rayman*
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