want to learn Trumpet. I was listening to Miles Davis earlier and thought, yes, i'd love to play Trumpet.

However, i haven't got a clue about it. Would i need a teacher? Or could i learn from books? What sort of trumpet do i need? How does the friggin thing work? Can i get away with buying the cheapest trumpet possible?

You see what I mean??

Thanks in advance,


Does anyone know of good music stores in PARIS???
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Cheap trumpets will be fine for begginers, especially if you don't know if youll stick with it or not. A book would be alright i suppose, but a real teacher would be the best thing because they could help you with your tone and pitch better than just reading out of a book. A trumpet-even a cheap one- will last you for a long time as long as you take care of it properly.
Youd best need a teacher as they will help you along and youll learn faster. Thou you could learn from a book, but it will be harder. Well theres the trumpter but then youve also got the coronet, but just get your regular old b flat trumpet. Um probably your best bet would to buy a bach manufactured trumpet. It works by blowing into the mouthpiece and that air flows thru valves that if you push down on one of the three triggers it raises or lowers the pitch. Though i personally like the trombone better myself, but ah well. But ya thats basically most of my knowledge on trumpets that i learned from High School band.
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