What things happened over the summer that were pretty cool, epic, weird, etc.?

I think mine had to be accidentally getting locked into one of my counselors dorms (he hated me by the way) and hiding under his bed until he and his friend found out and beat me with belts until I got out... I ended up running down the hall with two retards chasin me with belts...
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I'm hoping by "crack" you mean cleavage unless you have some kind of bizarre ass-chest.

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Hmmm, one friday night party was a pretty good thing that happened. I think getting a part in a film is pretty high up on the list.
Oh and the London meet, that was pretty cool
Still got lots of summer left thouhg, plenty more to happen!
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There have been several fairly epic things, most of which I shan't share

I'm having a good time though.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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I'm going to Persia for a month

Watch out for Spartans (sorry, had to be done)
I turned off the generator on download festival and blacked the entire camp, remember nothing lol only some pissed guards and someone cheering
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Watch out for Spartans (sorry, had to be done)

Spartans are nothing compared to Persians

That film was the most inaccurate thing ever!

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had a baby, beat that!

Did a baby.



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Carmel is hawt
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had a baby, beat that!

Was it delicious?

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this sounds like something they'll make you write on the first day of school
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Was it delicious?

I've had better actually
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