want to learn Trumpet. I was listening to Miles Davis earlier and thought, yes, i'd love to play Trumpet.

However, i haven't got a clue about it. Would i need a teacher? Or could i learn from books? What sort of trumpet do i need? How does the friggin thing work? Can i get away with buying the cheapest trumpet possible?

You see what I mean??

Thanks in advance,

get an electric trumpet so you can plug it in some headphones so you won't disturb your neighbours.

wait what?
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I can play trumpet better than all of you.

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I used to play trumpet when I was little. If you have a pretty good knowledge of theory, you can transfer that pretty easily, but the mechanics (how to hold it, how to blow it, how to care for it, etc.), you would probably need to go to an alternative source - either a teacher or an instructional book.
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Get a teacher, but a cheap trumpet would be okay to start on. Try a few mouthpieces to find one you are comfortable with, but something like a Bach 5B is what most beginners start with.
You might want a teacher, so they could teach you the basic things.
Like how to properly hold it, how to take it apart for cleaning and maintenance (and reassemble it) and whatever basics.
Yeah can't think of what else to really say.
Get a teacher.
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I played trumpet for 4 years and my best advice is get a teacher/lessons from someone when learning it. Its not too difficult when you get the hang of it and then you can go from there
Have you learnt NOTHING from playing guitar?
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wow all you are alot of help.

i was in concert band in school for pretty much all of my highschool career. so heres my thoughts on it.

Do you need a teacher? no, but im sure it would make it a lot easier to learn alot quicker. i mean, you could sit down and learn from books and self teach yourself, but if youve got the money and the time, a teacher would be a helluva lot easier.

what sort do you need/ can you get away with the cheapest possible? I would try and find the cheapest trumpet possible. Only because who knows if youll want to stick with it. you could spend upwards of $500 bucks on a REALLY good trumpet. id hit up friends, family, ebay, garage sales, find something used, BUT invest in a new mouthpiece so you arent using some one elses nasty moldy mouthpiece. and id just get a standard 3 valve trumpet, thats what i started on.

How does it work? I couldnt EXACTLY explain it to you, but it involves the buzzing of your lips, and the position of the three valves. basicly, you 'buzz' into the mouthpiece, and press down the valves in different combinations to produce different notes.

Hope this was at least a BIT helpful, since no one else seemed to want to help. If you do decide to pick it up, its a fun instrument, and it open up your musically ability to play any brass instrument, i started on trumpet, but was playing tuba by the time i graduated. have fun.

EDIT: the wow you are all alot of help was for the people that had no help to offer, not those of you above that did give help.
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Heh, its easy to learn basics, hard to get a good sound. I played it for a couple years, then traded it for my guitar. Not an even trade. $800 dollar trumpet with the trade in value of $50. I got screwed.
Again, I would highly recommend a teacher, at least so you can learn how to buzz your lips and position your trumpet correctly.

Go cheap for your first trumpet... intermediate level trumpets can be around a thousand dollars and higher end trumpets can go for over 2000. Start cheap.
I used to play trumpet in 9th grade Concert Band. It's fun, but recommend getting a teacher. I think the trumpet is a bit easier to learn than guitar, but you'll need to learn how to read music, so you know what key combos correspond to which notes. There's no such thing as trumpet tablature! You're lips will get sore while playing, so be prepared!
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Pssh Trumpet.

Learn Tuba like me.

I would suggest you get a teacher though. you don't want to pick up bad embouchure habits.
Ok thanks for the help guys (and gals?). Ill look into a teacher, though theres not much money so i might end up teachin myself. Ive done it before, I can do it again im sure. Ideally id like a teacher though.

Of course, first I have to aquire the money somehow. Looks like im job hunting.
Don't spend any money on it unless you are committed. Bad trumpet playing sounds terrible.