you probably need to adjust your action by raising it, it happened to me when i changed my string guage on my guitar
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your 20th fret probably needs to be whacked down into its fret slot. they have a tendency to poke up on the ends if it wasnt fretted properly. either that or you need a fret dress.


Sounds like you need to dress/level your frets.
Hmm, alright. Now the real question is, how do I go about doing any of this? It's for my Ibanez with a Floyd Rose, so I'm sure that somehow makes it a lot more complicated.
try tapping down first and if that doesn't work you could try filing it down yourself....not to difficult to do if your careful. The floyd doesn't make it more complicated except you have to restring it which some people hate doing
The Floyd Rose makes it no more complicated, and listen to LP.

Try tapping the fret in first.. either to save you the hassle of a full fret redressing and leveling, or to make sure that it doesn't shift down when you go to level.

If you have to move the trem claw, make sure that you mark its position with some masking tape or something, so you don't have to take ages to balance the trem when you restring.