So like the title says I went to my local Sam Ash the other day. I made a special order for an All Parts Tremol-No trem locking device. So far its been almost 2 weeks and still no word from the store. You guys know how long special orders like this takes? Also anyone use a tremol-no before? How is it? I just can't wait for it to come in because of how much easier it should make tuning on that god forsaken FR.
I have yet to have a speacial order work out for me at any store.. GC is the worse usually it takes 2 months to come in and by then i've already purchased the part somewere else. Just cancel it and order it off Ebay its cheaper anyway, thats where i got mine..
Special ordering anything (not just music stuff) is generally a headache in and of itself. Occasionally you'll find a company that really does a good job with this, but it's not the norm. I've always had much better success tracking down everything myself.
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