my arm was twisted back in a weird position for like 5 seconds, it was painful when that happened, but after i got back to a normal posistion, the pain wasn't bad at all. This happened a couple days agop, and i never felt any severe pain, it felt very minor, and i could move my arm with full movement.

However it's been a 5 days and i don't feel 100% normal. I want to see a doctor but it might be a waste of money if they just tell me to rest it.

should i not play guitar for couple more days? its my right arm btw
Why do people bring their medical problems to the pit?

GO SEE A DOCTOR! (and yes I read that you said it might be waste of your money)

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Why is it that people CONTINUE to see the pit for medical advice?

The only decent advice you'll ever get from it is to SEE A DOCTOR.