what finger does the slide go on?
or is it just preference?

i use my ring finger
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Personal preference. I feel that I have more control with it on my ring finger though.
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ring finger ftw.

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mine only fits on my pinkie.
Damn fat fingers
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I have one for my ring finger, one for my little finger. Ideally I'd be better at playing with my little finger, but it's easier to play with your ring finger.
preference, but also there can be practicalities involved, like you might put it on your index or pinky if you wanted to use the other fingers without taking the slide off.
i use my pinkie... because i make most of my chords with my first, middle and ring fingers... leaving the nosepicker free.

pick up a guitar and play a power chord... which ever finger isnt touching a string, use that!

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pinky. with it on your ring you can't even do powerchords without taking it off.
Quote by tona_107
pinky. with it on your ring you can't even do powerchords without taking it off.

open tuning = instant powerchord

or just do them with your index and pinky
depends what position your fingers are in and what note you want to slide to, but ive rarely used my pinky
usually pinky or ring. I put it on my ring finger
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open tuning = instant powerchord

Open tunings FTW!!!

Anyway, I use my pinky 'cause I find it's easiest that way. Just don't use your index because then you can't mute behind the slide.
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mine only fits on my pinkie.
Damn fat fingers

They have slides that are bigger.

Edit: Btw, if you lose things easily, i don't suggest you get a glass one. I have a glass slide and after weeks of searching, i finally found it under my nightstand. it blended in perfectly with the ****ing carpet. son of a bitch!
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