Hey guys. I will likely soon buy my first guitar (epiphone les paul standard) and amp.

I want to play mostly punk rock (Yellowcard, Zebrahead, Sum41) and some other types of rock as well (Metallica, Guns N Roses, Red Hot Chilli peppers..)

(I dont want really loud amps, i live in a apartment. I want one that has good sound quality at lower volume and has some effects. But i really want to costumize the distortion, so maybe a pedal would be better)

You think maybe the Vox DA5 and a Boss OS-2 Pedal would be good to play what i want?
If you want effects you might try a peavey or line 6 amp...both of those amps have built in effects that are fun to mess around with...

Since i don't live in the city I've never had to worry about being quiet...but i'm sure they would sound fine.

Sooo are you a beginner or have you messd around with guitar a bit?
MG 30 watt?

Well I know they get bashed alot, they have good effects though.

They also have decent tone, not great. but decent.
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thx for the reply.
I play guitar for 2 months, but i already know quite some stuff for two months.

I play in a semi acoustic with hard strings wich is terrible for my fingers lol. But i've learned hammer ons, slides, chords and lots of stuff in it.

I want to play another style of music, punk and other rock. Im not a metal fan tho but i like metallica's slower parts =)
I've played with the les paul on a line 6 but i didnt like the amp very much, i didnt like the sound quality and its very loud and switches volumes between channels. It had good distortion tho, but i want to b able to costumize it more. i dont like heavy distortion.

30 watts is a bit too much ? watts means better sound quality too or just volume?
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Yeah get an mg30. 30 watts solid state isn't that loud, but it can still sound good at a low volume. Plus it has a headphone jack to play silently. I've got one you could have for cheap.

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Da5, he doesn't do much metal. (back off microcube owners...) Probably don't need an effects pedal, but you may want one just to screw with. The Da5 has a lot of effects built in, can go on battery power, headphones, etc. Try it next to a microcube and see what you think.
get a line 6. Marshall MGs are overpriced just because its a Marshall. Marshall is known for their tube amps though, not their solid states.
Don't get a MG, they are crap. I have a MG15 and it's the worst thing I'ver ever heard.

A Roland Micro Cube seems like a good idea.
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Yeah get an mg30. 30 watts solid state isn't that loud, but it can still sound good at a low volume. Plus it has a headphone jack to play silently. I've got one you could have for cheap.


the vox is perfect
wasnt expecting so many replys lol, thx.

I'l def be on the lookout especially for the Microcube, line 6 and the vox as well.

And il try a zoom G1 next time il go to the store. I tried a digitech rp200 and i didnt like it...maybe cuz it was over complicated :P I just cudnt make it sound right.

I cant afford a 30 watt amp though =/ its like 200 euros in here. I live in Portugal.

Well, if i get this amp, this is the only amp il get for a long time, I cant afford another. So i guess it must hv a ok sound and especially sound good at LOW volumes, bcuz i cant play at high volume in my house. The line 6 needed to be set up high to sound ok.

Hows the sound comparing the DA5 to a microcube?

I dont really like much heavy metal. Only some metallica and a bit of iron maiden.

What about if i got a amp that didnt had many effects but sounded good and got a effect pedal like a Zoom G1X?

I will not upgrade for a long time so i must choose carefuly Sorry for so many questions lol.
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(sry, my enter key is jammed so i cant put spaces between sentences. Ok, i think i'm going with a Rolland Cube 20X, what do u think? Ît sounded quite good to me and it even has a power squeezer to sound like its cranked but at a lower volume...altho i didnt had time to test this today. The amp also has a load of effects. You think im making a good choice if i get this amp with a epiphone les paul standard?