New member here. I do guitar-based powerpop stuff, but as guitar isn't my first instrument, I'd actually like to get some feedback on my guitar playing more than anything else (although I'd be thrilled if you enjoy my music too!). I have a few songs up on my myspace page, but I'd love to find out what other guitarists might think of my playing abilities. Check out "Easter Island" as that's got a couple of simple solos, or "Gonna Be You" which is an older piece.

The website is here: http://www.myspace.com/gotpop

Well, guitar skills are nothing really impressive, but then again the style of your songs don't need impressive guitars, and if it's not your main instrument then just practice and give it some time, soon you're gonna make it scream.
Songwriting is much more important to your style, and I especially liked Easter Island . Nice song, man.
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Rock on y'all!

Thanks for the feedback! It's like you said--the songwriting is really the focus. I just wanted to make sure it didn't sound like _bad_ guitar playing. Your comments are reassuring! I would like to incorporate more lead work and actual 'licks' into my playing.

Thanks again.
I like "Easter Island" a lot. The guitar playing is definitely not bad - simple yes, but it works well with what you've got going on. You've got a terrific voice. The tunes are simple and very catchy - I like.

Each track is mixed well and each instrument sounds good. Though the parts seem simple they sound really good together which is extremely important. Nice stuff!