This is the "studio" demo of our instrumental. We used "light snakes" to plug our guitars directly into the computer, and used Sonar 7 to do all the editing. Drums were recorded with EZDRUMMER for the sake of quality. We did not have the equipment or funds available to make the drums sound half way decent.

This is the brand new and improved version of our live demo that's also on the profile. You can check out the song here.


Please leave a comment, as it's the only way we can get better!

As a type of experiment, we tried writing a sort of "synopsis" to the instrumental, which was meant as a sort of mood setter as you start playing it. Might be a narration later on, who knows. Anyway, I hope you can enjoy the song to its fullest.

The Struggles of Man

For every step that is taken forward, two are taken back. This is the fate of every soul. The hope of achievement has kept us at the peak of dreaming, yet with every single sleepless night, those dreams are less and less plentiful. We look beyond this shortcoming to find that whatever we are truly looking for is not there. Churning forward towards the land that is not real, we keep our heads high above the water, praying to the powers untouchable that our lives become what they should. That our lives become what we want. The more we repeat it, the more we see glimmers of sunlight shining through. And yet, as quickly as it becomes apparent, it fades to the darkness ever so deeply. We seek, we venture, we sacrifice, we destroy to find that glimmer of hope. That small substance that makes the engine run. We become enraged, insane, crazed with anger, fear, hopelessness. We reach a point that no human should ever experience, that no human should ever evoke upon his own demeanor. And all of a sudden, we fall broken. We fall so deep into a hole of confusion, agony and defeat that not even the brightest of ropes can ever get us out. No motivation big enough ever reaches our aura to make us find a way out. Not until that desire comes back. The nature of wanting, of needing, of having is one that even the greatest of our people hasn't been able to overcome. It propels, it inspires, and it moves. It has us start over. It has us want what we wanted before. And before we know it, we are back in the beginning, in the same spot that this vicious cycle puts us through. Unwelcome as always, the struggles of man rears its ugly head, staring deep into our eyes and seizing the very moments we seek to make better.
Typing as listening:

The intro is stunning guitar work. The clean was great, and it was just a beautiful melodic feel. I understand the transfer was supposed to be sudden, so that was ok... but I felt like the fuzz tone was lacking in comparison to the clean. It just didn't feel as suiting. It sort of lost the epic feel and touched into a "modern rock realm." I love the heavy BG riff... it really sets the piece into a driven mood. The "epic" style lead has a great feel and the almost symphony-esque sound is very very well done. Drums are no where near as poor as you had lead me to believe. Your mixing is superb, I'm really impressed. The bass around 3:50 is great. Tremolo picking stuck out as a bit weak, it didn't seem like it had the same intensity as everything else. I love that each riff is quite varied from the every other riff... makes it so this doesn't get repetitive. REally like 5:53. The lead sits in well wiht everything else, and the BG really carries the piece well.

To be honest, I don't have much to say about the rest. It all carries well. It doesn't stick out as much as the rest to me though. Your clean intro honestly really carried this for me... it was gorgeous.

Care to return the crit, please?

Thanks for your comments on my song man...

Ok into "The Struggles of Man"...first: great tittle!very deep!

I like the clean intro a lot, nice proggresions there...the dual guitar riff is Maidenish, awesome! i would suggest adding a rhythm guitar to make it fuller....cool metal riffs...the clean interlude builds up to a rocking solo! tasty man! great use of the wah on the solo and very dark riff after that!, its cool how you mix a lot of feelings on this song with the melodies and riffs...I LOVE THE RIFF AT 5:40! great groove...nice outro, it "relaxes" the intensity of the distorted parts...

Man overall: AMAZING TUNE, i see that the structure of the song is pretty similar to mine: clean intro that builds up to distorted metal riffs, then a clean interlude that is cut by a solo, then again the frantic metal riffs, and clean outro...COOL!

Ill check out more of your tunes man, just post them!
Typing as I listen:

Did you use a Tone port or such alike as the guitars sound slightly dull? The intro's ****in lovely, really like how it builds up. The distorted riff sounds thin (01:24), intro to the riffs a bit strange.

Love the verse riff, distortions up to a good standard. Id have the bass playing a part in the riff to as the bass sounds a bit soft. Not sure what kind of guitars you're playing it with but one of them sounds like a semi hollow to me, like the one at the start. A touch heavy on the reverb on some parts, well panned guitars.

The drums levels seem to change alot, I use Sonar 6 and im happy with the soft synth drums they provide. Mic'in up a kits to expensive and often the sounds not 100% what you want. Sonar lets you mix and match, add some velocity changes and a touch of verb in some places and shes a keeper.

I like the way it goes back to the opening riff then back into the heavier riff at the end.

Id pay to hear that, any day. Add some vox and it'll shine.

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Preid/ if you'd be so kind.
I like the intro.. sweet.
The tone gets pretty muffled when all the distortion kicks in; and some tones doesn't fit but still pretty cool riffs here and there.

It's a pretty cool song; add vox and you have a kickass song.
intro is cool. the tones are a bit dull. i think you should try mic'ing up your amps instead. the drums were a bit low in the mix. lead guitar was cool, very melodic, tone could use work, but it sounds. i thought the tempo change was really awkward. maybe you should have a pause and swell? just a thought.

the distorted riffs were very cool! you guys kept things nice and heavy. recording is a bit muffled as braincheese said. bass could have been more present in the mix, or had a sharper tone. this is very nicely done though.

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