I think this might be the wrong section, but as I was looking through some of the tabs here (nice collection btw) I noticed that some of the songs, like Undone , say to tune the guitar down or up a 1/2 step, sorry for the stupid question, but what's a step? Also, on some of the songs, like Back in Black, what do the x's mean?
first off, the x's are dead notes. secondly, 1/2 step is the distance of one fret. like, from g to g sharp. thats a half step. so to tune down a half step it would be E flat, A flat, D flat, G, flat, B, flat, and E flat.
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1/2 step down means half step down. It means half a tone. instead to E you tune to Eb. 1/2 step means 1 fret. Idk how to explain. Use your tuner to 1 flat and tune ur guitar.
X means ''dead note''. Mute strings and play.
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1/2 step down means tune to

the X's are scratches, put your right hand against your strings, but not hard enough to fret anything, and strum with your pick, it will make a scratching sound.
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a when it says to tune a 1/2 step down, it means to tune the E strings to E flat the B string to B flat the G string to G flat... basically flat all the strings. the X's usually mean ghost notes
Alright, gotcha, thanks. So I'd just tune it right, than put it in about the middle of the left side of the tuner if it's flat, and the right side of the tuner if it's sharp? Thanks again.