wash away
my thoughts led astray
I live my life in sorrow
as I sleep tonight, I wonder
will I see your face tommorrow

another path may meet
and I'll crawl to my feet
to greet you in this other life

but the path lingers on, and I know you're long gone
and the pain digs deep as a knife

back on the battlefield
I could hear his painful cry
he said "brother end my pain"
I could hear the rounds go by
I lifted him within my arms, and carried him until I fell
now bitter in my soul, I'm scarred
for I have this tale to tell

maybe it was meant to be
but I can't help but think
that the bullet he took was meant for me

as I dream tonight, the only thing I see
is my beloved brother
who died for liberty

I remember the night
that fate took place
as through the fog of war, and battles thundering score
he forever fell from grace

back on the battlefield
he lay his head down by my side
and I knew his fate was sealed
he said "brother it's my time to die"
and forever closed his eyes....
i definitly felt the emotion well done in that respect... i really like it really the only thing i would say is take out long from "and i know your long gone" other that i like it alot