Alright so I decided to sell some stuff, because I am in dire need of money, pretty much by saturday. And I have pictures at the bottom of the post.

So the pedals I have for sale are the Digitech Hot Rod Distortion and a Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedal.

I'm selling the Hot Rod for $45 and the Crybaby for $40.

I have two 9 volt chargers that I'm selling for $10 each.

I have a Lyons tuner/metronome that I'm putting up for $15.

I sell that whole package, the distortion, wah, (2)chargers, and tuner, for $110 bucks and I'd pay shipping. CONTINENTAL US ONLY.

I also have 6 CDs up for sale:

1. The Terror State - Anti Flag $10
2. Die for the Government - Anti Flag $10
3. For Blood and Empire - Anti Flag $10
4.Internal Salvation - The Unseen $10
5. State of Disscontent - The Unseen $10
6. Under Attack - The Casualties $10

OR $50 for all 6, with me shipping, again, CONTINENTAL US ONLY.

Digitech Hot Rod Distortion
dammit i'd edit out those urls and put the pictures but it's against the rules to edit, dammit.
hahaha, yeah, it's a real annoyance not being able to edit.... but, they're just trying to take the scamming down a little.

You can PM a mod, and they can edit for you. This looks like a pretty big deal, they'll probably help you out.... haha.

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