A weak ago I ordered a MIM P-bass. Its still shipping so I don't have it yet but I have tried a different MIM P-bass, a MIA P bass, and a Squire VM P-bass. One thing I noticed was the MIM bass had a noticeably thinner neck than the other basses. I don't know if someone modded the neck on the MIM P bass I tried out because it was used (don't ask me why I ordered a new bass instead of getting the used one) but can someone tell me if the MIM basses have a thinner neck than the others?

EDIT: The MIA Bass had a maple neck. I don't know if this changes anything.
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i dont think so, or at least i feeled the opposite
i tried my VM against a MIM for many time before going with my squier wich had a slightly more rounded neck wich is slightly smaller
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I think the MIA might of felt really big because I played it right after I played a Rickenbacker.