So I'm playing through a crate GFX 212T and a crate CA-30S and this question applies to both of them. They don't have any kind of effects loop but they do have an insert and a line out/ext speaker. Can i run the line out into the looper and back in through the insert? Sounds good in theory but i have no way to test so checking with you guys.

Okay so that brings me to the looper. I'm trying to decide between the digitech Jamman (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DigiTech-JamMan-Looper-Pedal?sku=156600) and the BOSS RC 20 XL (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Boss-RC20XL-Loop-Station?sku=151352). The Jamman's loop times are VERY impressive and useful to me since i could see myself possibly using this for recording demos. Also It has an actual mic input instead of a guitar input labeled as a microphone input. The mic input would be great for my non electric acoustic. The RC-20 is comparable but lacks these things. The con is I read on a review the jamman sucks tone. Does anyone know if this is true? I really just need some helping making a decision. I have enough money for either so money isn't really part of the problem. Also do you know of any loopers that are comparable that you would stand by?

Oh and my purpose for the looper is for both performing (acoustic and electric). I'm looking to be able to hold my own instead of relying on other guitarists. And also I'd love to use it for songwriting so I could develop leads over my chord progressions and write lyrics without having to continually play the chords over and over and over.

Thanks for whatever help you can offer me!!!

Does the Jamman accept input from the mic and instrument inputs both at once?
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