How does the Celestion Gold stack up against the Blue? The reason I ask is that I'm running a Marshall 9100 rack mount power amp that's putting out 50 watts a side. I was thinking of getting rid of the Marshall for a Mesa 20/20 to run with the blue (15 watts). Then I saw the Gold. With the Gold rated at 50 watts it seems like a no brainer, but I'd like to know if it really sounds the same as a Blue or is there some trade off for that extra overhead. I asked this in the ultimate speaker thread, but it's 6 pages back with no responses so...
The Gold was designed specifically to sound as close as possible to the Blue, but with a higher power handling capacity. They did a really good job too. At the limit the Blue gives a warm creamy breakup compared to a most other speakers on the market. The Gold does the same thing, you just have to push a lot harder.
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