So there's a first time for everything, and this is my first time installing new pickups. Only problem is, i'm a bit confused on the finer points of the process.
also--i'm doing this expressly for the purpose of learning how to do it, so let's avoid with the "take it to a pro"'s, thanks.
here's the dilly-o:
current wiring is stock--3 wires coming from the pickup cavity: 1 red, 1 green, 1 black:
Green= Bridge
Black=Ground(i think)
Pretty sure the black is a ground; it terminates on top of the neck vol. pot.
Green wire splits to Black and white--white is wired to 1st tab on pot., black is wired with the other black wire.
Red is set up the exact same way, except no black wire from the cavity.

I believe the deal is, each pickup is grounded through that one black wire.
so the question then: the new neck pickup is a Gibson P-94 with 3 wires--one lead, two, effectively, ground wires. would I wire these grounds with the other grounds? or elsewhere? I Imagine I should strip the solder and re-solder the joint, rather than soldering on top of the existing joint.

Any help here?
guitar? easiest thing might be a rewire of the pickups.
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your post is confusing as ****, and i've wired a million guitars.

get a DMM.

if it's soldered to the back of a pot, it's grounded. You don't HAVE to re-do that ground joint, just solder the new one somewhere else on the pot.

you know how to solder correctly right? tell me more, and i'll help more.
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