I´m a "new guy" here, so I will start with one pretty booring thread.

I´m about to buy a new guitar.

LAG arkane 200 or Schecter damien FR......hmm......

Can you guys/girls tell me your toughts.

I play all kinds of music but it turns out to be mostly metal.

Now I´m using an old Ibanez RG...., It´s tuned in C. So I need a guitar that can handle pretty low tuning.
I´m also afraid that the Schecter neck is much thicker than the RG. I pretty much like the RG-neck. But then again the Schecter is one cool looking guitar!.

Here´s the Schecter

Here´s the LAG 200 Arkane

Advice please !!...
Schecters are great guitars but i like a Lag better.
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I can vouch for both guitars....

Though, I've only played one electric Lag - it was a lower end Lag, but it played absolutely unreal. Lovely lovely instruments.

As for the Schecter, exactly the same - lovely lovely players.

If I were you I'd go for the Lag - but I like to be different!

Either way, PM me and let me know what you get and what you think =]

PS - If you can play them both before you buy, I'd suggest that.

dude you cant go wrong with a schecter
the neck is so nice
i have an rg to
and i have grown to love both
schecter tone is so good
and drop tunings are pretty east on it
i love it
go schecter ftw
The Arkane seems better on paper, but both guitars don't seem to have a very reliable Floyd Rose imo.
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If you want low tunings, then don't get a Floyd unless you know how to set it up properly.
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I´ve tried out the Schecter, but the LAG is hard to come across.

So you guys don´t think that theres a major differens between the neck on a RG (I think it´s the one called Wizard) and the Schecter Damien?.

My RG has floyd rose and it hasn´t been any problem with the low tuning. But on the other hand I´ve let a musicstore set it up properly.
You say you are using an old RG cos old RGs tended to have amazingly good trems especially the higher range ones. Do you know the model of the RG.
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