Ok, so you're at the soda fountain at wherever.

Question is: Do you mix YOUR soda's together? Like, put a splash of Minute Maid in with your Coca Cola? I used to think it was pretty sick nasty, but I found some interesting combos eventually .

If you do, share your self-refillin' stories.
If you don't, well, step out on a limb!

Oh, and if this sport has some kind of proper name I'm not using, fill me in
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Fruitopia + Orange Pop

Sprite + Fruitopia
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My friend once mixed Minute-Maid lemonade, Mountain Dew: Code Red and Sprite in some random ratio..

It tasted like gummy bears. It might have been the best drink I've ever had.

Soda sucks.
I wonder what it would taste like if you taped down all of the buttons and just ran your drink back and forth under the fountains until it was filled...?

Soda sucks.
Black Gold= Dr. Pepper + Coke


50-50 or DP 75- Cola 25
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Definitely Mr. Pibb +Cherry fanta = amazingness.
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Just do everything except for iced tea, that ruins it.
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I know this is a tiny bit off, but has anyone ever tried pepsi and milk?

kill yourself.
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I don't do suicides with sodas, I do them with Slurpees though.

that is quite possibly the best idea to come out of the pit.
I love Dr. Pepper+Root Beer. mmmmmmmm
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whenever i do, they always taste like liquid gummy candies with an extra spike of pepsi. Probably because i just randomly add everything they have on the fountain
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Fruitopia + Orange Pop

Sprite + Fruitopia


Mixing all three works pretty good also, and has the best colour of any drink on the market. When I used to work at a theatre I got sick of the flavours and always ended up mixing. The combos given here were my two favourite
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2 parts coke, 1 part root beer, 1/2 part sprite, 1/2 part cherry coke.

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I don't drink soda.
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1/2 Coke 1/2 Pepsi

I call it Coksi
and my friends think im weird... I mix everything its soo ****in good. this is off topic but right now i practically put barbeque sauce on everything i eat almost, u guys should try it
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I don't do suicides with sodas, I do them with Slurpees though.

mixing slurpee flavors is awesome. tastes so good.
Mountain Dew + Coke + Pepsi + Orange Soda + Sprite = Awesomeness to go with my Subway samich
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Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, a little Sprite = one heck of a way to wake up in the morning.
There's a Gas Station around here called Road Ranger, where they allow you to mix vanilla, cherry, lime, and couple other additives. It's total win!
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My friend once mixed Minute-Maid lemonade, Mountain Dew: Code Red and Sprite in some random ratio..

It tasted like gummy bears. It might have been the best drink I've ever had.

Oh man, if you throw Coca Cola into that, it tastes like gummy lifesavers. It is sex flavored soda.
1/2 Dr. Pepper + 1/2 Coke

1/2 Dr. Pepper + 1/4 Coke + 1/4 Sprite (good, but too much makes my stomach hurt)

99% Sprite with a splash of Hi-C Fruit Punch

First few that come to mind, since that's what I do most often at work.
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I mix them all together. Its hella good.
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My favourite "recipe" is - fill the glass with ice-cubes to the brim, then 1/3 Pepsi, 1/3 Sprite, 1/3 Fanta
Then add some more ice.