So basically I've been playing bass almost 8 months now, which isn't a long time, but I figured I'd try to learn basic guitar and chords and such for writing purposes. Anyways, one of the major issues (besides fretting the wrong string, I'm used to the bass spacing) when playing chords I tend to end up muting higher strings with my lowest finger, even when I try arching my fingers as much as possible, a thump comes out when I strum sometimes.

Also, the same thing applies for when I try to play chords that are say on the A, G and B string. Every time I try muting the D string the G string is essentially muted somewhat.
just do it slow and perfect every time...and press hard, and like you said, make sure you arc your hand so your palm isnt hitting strings. but make sure every string is fretter cleanly and smoothly, and build speed from there.
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