I know nothing about mixers, but I'm thinking about getting a mixer and a mic, and I wanted to know how would I get the sound off the mixer onto my computer, or if a mixer can just plug in directly to my computer.

Thanks in advance
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well, not all mixers record sound first of all. make sure you get one that does if that's what you plan on using it for.

generally you have to put it in usb mode and connect it to your computer, then import the tracks into recording software.
No mixer can record...

Analog mixers are used in live settings with power amps and such for a PA setup

Mixer/interface combos come in Firewire or USB and are mostly a waste of time/money IMO

You want to look into audio interfaces. These come with preamps for mics and instruments and XLR inputs for a mic.
What is your budget and what are you looking to record?

look though tweaks guide in my sig and the pinned posts at the top of this board.