can anyone give me a little run down on ohm readings i have always assumed the higher k reading the more output just playing around switching out from 8k to 12k im not realy hearing a big difference.there not realy any name brand so maybe thats the reason.or are there other factors??i have one old pup that has past through a couple guitars ive had over the years its gotta nice aggresive sound and always thought of it as being hot only recently tested it on a multi meter and its only 10k but sounds much better than the 12k i replaced with it.maybe someone can shed a little light on the subject for me?
ok, here is my noobish attempt to help lol. ok, your right, the ohm reading does show you how hot the pickup is, and once you get at 10 or above you start moving into "hot" range. However, a higher ohm rating does not necessarily make that pickup better.

also, what setting are you playing on? i've found that when on a rly high gain its almost impossible to truly tell the difference between hot or not hot pickups
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Electrically speaking, the dominating paramater that characterizes the pickup is its inductance. Unless you're certain that the pickups you're comparing are constructed with the same wire material and diameter, and a few other less significant factors, comparing by DC resistance is almost meaningless, so avoid assuming anything. Much more useful parameter is a pickup's resonant peak so go by that if you can.
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ok i think i get that. and no i have no idea what or how the pups are made or type of wire used. on the resonont peak how do i and what do i use to measure that????
DC resistance is not a direct indicator of the output of a pickup, it's only one contributing factor - depending on the others a pickup with high DC resistance can have significantly lower output than one with a lower resistance. Granted, hotter pickups do tend to have higher resistance but it's not something you can rely on by any means.
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yes like i said i have this old one a no namer its only 10k maybe a little less but has a much better sound than the 12k i replaced. i as thinking its just the truth that alot of older stuff was just made better.when they wernt looking for every pos way to cut the cost and put more in there pockets. its like a cheap china thing my friend had in 1 week it stoped working so i opend it up to find wiring as brittle as a dry twig if you just touched it it broke and the soildering was terrible also. i rewired it with some good ole usa wires i think but its fine now.