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One of my favourites. Inspiration should be obvious in places

I've been contemplating having the vocals in the parts I haven't written a melody for (eg, the "verses") delivered in a mix of the styles of (the calmer side of..) mewithoutYou and Trophy Scars. Just because..

No MIDI cus it screwed everything up. If I can export something that sound perfect I'll upload it, until then I'm sorry.
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dude, I haven't got much to say. this was awesome. right down my alley.

the only things I would change are as follows:
clean guitar is usually way too overpowering when it comes in.
some of the 7/8 seems really unnecessary but that's just how I heard it.
should resolve to Bm by my ear (instead of G).

and I like how you had really heavyish guitar parts (breakdown?) but it still sounded very "light" and smooth like the rest of the song. leads were really well done.

crit mine? it's in my sig.
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Thanks a lot mate!

I do enjoy making stuff thats slightly different, like 4/4 rock with and odd bar of 3/4 shoved in the middle of it or something lol Post-hardcore just seems to fit the mold in terms of my taste and style when composing. -nods-

I know what you mean with the resolving to Bm thing, but by my ear G sounds more comfortable in the song, soooo, I added the B from the chord. It does sound slightly better, although I cant remember how I had that chord before so I might not have changed a thing XD ah well.

I'll take a look at yours when I have a bit of free time. (which'll be now since I do nothing anyway lol).
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Well, this was not at all what I expected to hear. Kudos on uniqueness. I think it was cool how there were some rhythms that would usually be brutal, but it's still a really upbeat song. And the transitions worked really well. You managed to switch between things a lot without killing the mood. I don't really like the part from 2 to 9 and wherever it repeats, but I'm not sure why, so I can't really help you out there. I guess it sounds kind of unstructured to me maybe.

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