I recommend the midi, as this song does not benefit from the RSE at ALL, it sounds a lot worse with it on for some reason.

EDIT: Updated version with a few minor improvements as suggested by people in this thread:
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That was great.

All I have bad to say about it is:

The ending is a bit...meh. I think it would be better without the downbeat on the last measure.

Also the Rhythm chords going into the verse sound bad to me. I think you need to drop the 3rd chord down a half-step. so its E-F-F#-C#.

I really liked that whole song though, especially the pre-chorus.

EDIT: If you wanna C4C then here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=800393
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Dude that was awesome. I liked the lead guitar the most, and every part is great and the solo is cool. I have nothing to crit here except the ending. You should do something about it, it's just too sudden.

If you want C4C-bass solo in sig
Thanks LoD, I didn't like that transition much myself either; I changed it to that and it sounds better now, thanks

And both of you are right about the ending, I'll think of something better to end it with.
that was... AWESOME!
seriously good, well done! I especially liked the lead guitar and the solo was just perfect
I'm not sure what to say that hasn't already been said. I think that the rhythm guitar needs to be quieter during the solo. also, the part at 41 and other similar measures with the A chord sounds out of place to me. I would suggest something a little more interesting as a transtion.

other than those nitpicky little suggestions, I really loved this. very nice leads and very well put together.

and the first time through I was getting extremely bored by the like 20th measure. then I noticed that for some reason the leads and other things weren't even playing. I read your post then turned off RSE.
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You're right, Rock, I'm not 100% on the A's myself, but I thought they worked in hindsight, as a transition. I'm sure there's something better could go in their place, I just haven't worked it out yet

And the Rhythm DOES need to go quieter for the solo. I've been trying to work out why my solo guitar is getting fuzzy in the middle part, I thought it was the other lead guitar's fault, but it's the rhythm, so thanks for pointing that out