This is one of those songs that actually makes me feel. I had to cover it. I recorded the base of it live, and then just added back up vocals. Tell me what you think? I'll crit back if you leave a link.

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i love you anie

the song is quite good too. i like your voice. sometimes the timing went a tad off, but i imagine you recorded this live, as usual.
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I LOVE this song. Never quite got round to perfecting it. You've inspired me to do that now haha. Great job.... You can hear the emotion in your voice, and the guitar when you change it up is beautiful. It's what makes the cover brilliant. Very well done!

I have a quick iron and wine cover I recorded today if you'd like to take a listen


Again, great job!
Hey, never heard the original but I liked it. Your voice is getting a lot better since last time I critted your work. Timing is pretty good, especially if you did it live. The acoustic guitar just with the voice works really well, simple, but powerful.

Very very good, I wouldn't change anything. Did you change your recording setup?

c4c if you want https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=924826
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Thanks for the comments. Sorry it took me a while to return them. I was at the beach...doing beachy things?

mooshoepork. I'm not sure the last song you heard from me, but I have changed my recording setup from the computer mic. Haha. I now use a firepod, and a condenser mic. I could get a way better quality from it, but I just love recording live.