Hey guys, sorry for recreating a thread about my band, but I find it necessary to point to our self-made musicvideo.


It's 100% self-made, there were just some friends, doing the camera work and the actor, the editing and so on is done by ourselves.

Check it out, you won't regret it And feel free to leave a comment.


Best regards
I think you did pretty damn good. I just cant stand all that screaming **** myself. You guys got some great musicians in there!
the place where the bands playing looks like the devour video from shinedown
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What program did you use? It looks great by the way.
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Looks great, I've never been huge on the metalcore thing but you guys do it well!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
That's pretty awesome musically and visually, I really love the idea of two vocalists.
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Interesting. It turns out that there are people on the forum who play an upright bass. I'll make a note of that.

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Wow, thank you guys! nice to see your reaction about this whole thing.
@ Moose: I'll ask our singer about the program.

More comments please
Good job, very few early musicians make a music video early.
Although not a big fan of screaming music myself.
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Thanks guys, I appreciate your rating, though it's not everyone's favourite kind of music! Makes me really happy!

Yet I didn't get through to our singer, he made most of the visualization, so he knows best what programmes were used I promise to ask him about, as soon as possible.
@ Moose and taatelikoira (and anyone else who's interested in):

Programs used:
Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Corel Tools and Trapcode Plugins (all bought legal)