Hi kids.

It's on the profile... should be the first one. 85% improv, just a little something to start me on. All one take.

I'll be returning critiques. All comments, even those that just say "didn't like" or "did like" will be appreciated and I'll at least listen if you do.


first of all, i like your tone, but i think it could be a bit more crunchy, try upping the treble a tiny bit. i like the picking parts, some of the time you did seem to get a bit lost, but if this was improv, i can understand. i like the very happy sounding intro to the chord proggression. very catchy. this would make a great full band song. pm me if you get drums. i would do bass. heh.

thanks for the crit. i can see what you mean about my song. i really had to force that one out. i didn't really choose the subject matter. it's an assignment for college.
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Hey man, sweet song you got going there.

I really enjoyed the flowing nature of the song. As a one take kind of recording, it was very impressive. Some of the single note stuff could of been a little cleaner, but since it was a straight recording, it's no big deal whatsoever I also really liked the syncopated pattern you used towards the end, around 2:00 (I guess it would be the climax of the song.) It kept it very interesting. All in all, a very enjoyable listen.

Thanks for your crit man. Your words gave me all kinds of goosebumps, lol.
Not bad. A good impro. I presume you're using a mic and audacity? It's what I use and you have to fiddle around to get rid of muddy sounds and produce the sound you want. The reason I say this is because in places the recording is muddy, although your tone is good. For just an improvised demo it's great and I agree with the others. It flows.