I was thinking of once I get the money getting another guitar. Seeing as Im not really a big guy, I was thinking of getting something that isnt overly heavy. I was thinking of either a Standard Fender Telecaster or a Fender Mustang. Could someone tell me how much they weigh? I couldnt find the weight of them on any sites I looked them up on.
I'd say my tele plus being all ash weighs around roughly 9 pounds I guess? I'm not that big either but I've gotten used to it.
wow i didnt know tele's were that heavy. i play a epi les paul std. i dont know how much it wieghs.
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6 lbs is my guess.

I had my brother's telecaster when I was younger and it was a hell of a lot lighter than my Les Paul.
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yeah at the moment im playing a epiphone sg-400 and its not all that heavy, but its a bit bigger than I would like. I weighed it on my scale i think it said about 11 or 12 pounds. I cant play it standing up for too long most days or my shoulder starts to hurt so I was thinking about another guitar. I always wanted to try a fender and they seem lighter. I appreciate all the input.
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I'd say my tele plus being all ash weighs around roughly 9 pounds I guess? I'm not that big either but I've gotten used to it.

9 pounds?! definitely not, thats as much as les paul
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les pauls are 11 1/2 pounds arent they?

Solid ones, they're chambered now-a-days.

The alder (standard) Teles are about 6lb. Ash are 7-8lb. But sound and feel better IMO.
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My Lp Custom is 10.5 and my Tele Deluxe is 8or 9 I don't know which
Does anybody know about a mustang? I read about 7-8 but I dont always trust random websites. One site told me that an epiphone sg weighed 17 pounds, which is bull, they are heavy but nowhere near that heavy.

And thanks again everybody.