i've got this old acoustic that'd i'd like to fix up. it's some random yamaha from like the 70s.

could i sand it down and repaint it? either sand it down by hand or a little palm sander, which would be best? i was planning on spray painting it, then going over with clear coat. or using acrylic plaint.

would this work? does anyone have any tips or sites i could go to to learn how to sand/repaint an acoustic?

or is this just a bad idea?
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yah, paint is really heavy, gonna massive adjust the tone of the guitar, and not for the better. Unless you are awesome at airbrush and never plan on playing, then paint away.
i know spray paint works. you can also get lacquers fairly cheap. i would avoid acrylics just because they aren't used much, and seem like even coats would be difficult. check other paints and stains too
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