I was thinking of having it set up, having 11s put on it, and having the pots replaced and everything re-soldered because it's currently not working (it sounds like the tone knob is on 0 no matter how i arranged the knobs).

Does anyone know how much this will set me back? I have about $80 to shell out in cash.
Yay! I actually have good advice!


I bought a whole new kit for my strat; new wires, new pots, new switch, and that cost me 50 dollars.

THEN, I took it to the shop, and the guy there charged forty per hour of work.

It originally was gonna cost 90 dollars for the work, but since they didn't give me an estimate or tell me the price before I came to pick it up, they took off 30 bucks.

So all in all it cost me one hundred and ten dollars.

New strings will cost you anywhere from ten to 15.



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Sorry for the late response, sorry if this seems like a bump.

But where can i buy such a kit? There's a local shop, and a guitar center, but the guitar center around here has absolutely nothing.