I'm not sure if this should be in this forum, but hopefully it is.

So, I'm looking to upgrade my equipment, I hear that it's better to upgrade your amp first, as that is the main source of good tone. So, that's what I plan to do.

However, I don't have a clue what I want. My current amp is very basic, it has an overdrive button (sound and grain options for it), then for the clean channels it has; middle, bass and tremolo. It's a very basic amp, and came as part of a starter package.

I want the amp to me quite flexible, and be able to play a variety of styles, from blues, to funk, to metal. If it were to be specified towards one thing in particular, it would be playing funk, so reverb settings is essential.

If possible, I would like an amp with some built in effects... I'm sure I've read about people having built in effects in their amp, so hopefully this isn't some sort of crazy talk I'm speaking. haha.

My budget isn't that high, I'm looking to spend between £100 to £300.

BTW, power isn't that big a deal, as this will be a practice/bedroom amp. What I'm looking for is good tone and versatility, I will also be looking into recording through my amp straight to the computer (is this possible?).

The best thing in that price range would ideally be a Roland Cube, and invest the rest of the money in some recording equipment
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Well, my combo amp is a Marshall (in my opinion the best, since most pro's use Marshall and I personally prefer their sound) it only has 2 overdrives, and a chorus. To get an amp with lots of effects, it's gotta be expensive, and big too. I don't think it fits in your budget, but if you look around for good deals on room amps, a combo amp has to be it (trust me, my parents wouldn't let me get anything bigger). It can go really loud if you want it to, that is if you're doing shows. In my opinion, it's best to buy your effects seperate from the amp, since amp effects aren't always that great. Also I don't think to record straight from your amp into your computer, unless you buy this recording thing, which is really expensive (atleast here in Canada).

Conclusion: Buy the amp and the effects seperate from each other. Hope my advice works, not that I'm a huge expert on this, it's just what I think is best. Buying amp and effects seperate is gonna be expensive, but well worth it.
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Well first off Calabur...

Well written thread. For punk, blues and metal you may also want to see if a Vox Valvetronix is in your range/area. Not my thing but may work for you if you want built in stuff. Cubes are real good too for your situation. If you can go used, that could open up some doors, sorry if you said that already. later
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It's got kick ass cleans, can cover most anything, and has built in effects.
It is a hybrid, but alot better then the valvetronix (just a pathetic excuse for a suped up solid state) Its all tube except for the modeling, similar to the spider valve but with less wattage and without the digital crappyness.

Check it out
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