It's hard to just reccommend a guitar...everyone has personal preference...my advice is "try some on"...go to some shops and play everything in your price range.....and dont under estimate pawn shops......ive gotten some really good buys at pawn shops....sure it is used gear....but a fraction of the price!

But if you must buy new.....I love Crafter and Hohner acoustics.....Ibanez, Alverez, and Takamine make some nice stuff in that price range as well
Well its clear you like Taylor's high end response as opposed to a bass response. Its really hard to find a passable acoustic in the sub 500 range. I would probably recommend the Taylor Big Baby, it will likely have that sound you are looking for and has a solid top and goes through the same manufacturing process as their guitars that cost 2grand+. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Taylor-Big-Baby-Dreadnought-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=514968
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I wouldn't recommend the baby taylor guitars. If you want that bright sound try to go for the actual higher end taylor guitars themselves. You might be able to find them on craigslist used or maybe in shops used for around 700. It's hard to find guitars with that crisp bright sound that are under 500.

You can look at two other brands that I know have somewhat of a bright sound, larrivee and blueridge both have bright sounds.
Its tough because there isnt a lot of guitar stores around here, the closest one is like an hour and a half drive.
The taylor Baby series guitars are jokes. A tin can with strings sounds better than my friend's Big Baby. I would just avoid taylor under $1000. You get subpar materials.

Anyway... there's no point in trying to find a guitar that sounds like the video you posted. It can't be done. There are a few reasons. First, each guitar is different. Two guitars of the same brand and model can sound worlds apart, and I can attest to that for sure. Secondly, no matter how good the recording, you'll never know how the guitar really sounds. Any recording, no matter how good, cannot capture all the little overtones that a guitar in person can produce.

Therefore, you should just play some guitars out there and decide what you like instead of trying to sound like someone else. It's good to try to imitate(because we all learn from each other), but not when choosing instruments. I know it's a far commute, but just stay in the store for a while and play anything that catches your eye. heck, visit a few stores while you're out there.

Guitars to avoid no matter what the price range are... Ibanez, Fender. They just make plain bad guitars.
Guitars to avoid at this price range are Taylor, Martin, and Ovation.

My suggestion for guitar brands that offer decent guitars around $500 are Norman, Simon & Patrick, Art & Lutherie, Seagull, Epiphone Masterbilt, and Takamine.
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Don't get it. It's not worth the money. Only buy taylors and martins if you're going to spend about $1000 or so. I can get way better guitars for $800.
- Art & Lutherie Cedar CW (SOLD! )
- Martin D-16RGT w/ LR Baggs M1 Active Soundhole Pickup
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what taylor would you recommend then? and what can you get thats way better? im not trying to sound mean.. lol, after reading that it sounds kinda mean.
Just because it's a taylor doesn't mean it will sound great...

To be honest after I played the blueridge br-143 I'm somewhat dissapointed at the 1-2 series of the Taylor line. Problem was that someone already bought that exact same blueridge br-143 that I was crazy about and the ones they had in the back simply didn't sound the same but some what... I cant explain it but it goes like this :

the one that was bought was bright and warm.
the one that they took out was bright but less warm.

Heck I'm even dissapointed at the taylor 3-series. I don't know why the hell i don't just go ahead and buy the damn thing already.

if i were going to buy one of those taylors now i would probably go for one of the 6 through 9 series. but to be honest the taylor 3 series isn't that bad because that's when the entire thing becomes solid.
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well the one they took out could have had some worn out strings and stuff from being tested a lot
i asked them the day they had it when i got out of work, they sold it a few hours ago and they brought out a new one.

if they changed the strings it would have been warm and crisp.

There was also a little dent on the side that wasn't there before.