so i decided i needed an upgrade to my crappy sx bass.
my price range is really around $400 dollars but if its REALLY worth i might spend about $100 more.
What i'm looking for is a 5 string bass with some good versatility in tone even with a crap amp and with a fast neck
i was maybe lookin into a used schecter custom 5 string or ibanez sr505 if they had one but if not i need a good bass around 400.
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Check out the TalkBass.com Classified section... theres always some great used gear up there.

I would highly suggest the SR505 for your budget and tone requirements. It's never let me down through years of consistent abuse! Are you looking for a more punchy tone or a slightly brighter tone? The Ibby will give the punch, and the Shecter will be a little brighter.

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This may be above your price range but Jazz basses are very versatile and are known for their fast necks.


EDIT: I found this bass too. It's cheaper but you might sacrifice some quality. You really should try it out first.

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the 3-Band EQ is amazing and offers all the versatility you will want for this price range and has a fast neck.

very good bass.

Also very beautiful

my two cents

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I own a Traben Neo Custom 5 string...its amazing!
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ibanez SR series are really great, they have really fast necks IMO
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