ok ive never re-strung my bass in the short time ive been playing, but what gauge is recommended for drop C?
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heavy probably the heaviest you can find
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110 for the E strings if you want it to be thigt, but i i can my bass can handle drop C with 100, altough is too floppy for my taste, i like really tight strings so next time i am buying 105 to play in E
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heaviest you can get. sounds like crap without it:-) welll...maybe not crap if you like it:-D
"heaviest you can get" will most likely be 135s. In my experience these are too heavy if you have your strings tight, and will actually bow the neck of your bass.

I use 125s and they are still tight, but are a bit thinner which makes playing faster easier. Its ultimately up to you though, try out a few and see what you like.