We come from all over Long Island, New York. It's kind of hard to describe us genre wise. Think Portugal. the Man, meets the Mars Volta, meets the Blood Brothers. I just recently joined the band as second guitarist and it's been so much fun. We're going on a 1-2 week tour mid august, mainly north east US and Toronto, Canada. Add us on myspace and check out the tunes! you won't be disappointed.
Boo on whoever put Chiodos on the influences list(HORSE forever!) but regardless of that you're pretty good.

I can definitely some a Mars Volta influence, I wouldn't say it's as experimental though. Some of it also has a kind of early Radiohead quality, circa Pablo Honey and maybe some of the Bends... I can't say that it's something I'd listen to, but it's certainly not something I'd mind hearing if I listened to radio.
I like this - a lot. I can definitely hear The Mars Volta in there, though at a MUCH more tame level. The vocals sound really good - as does everything else and the tracks are all mixed well too.

This is really good stuff you've got going on here.

As a fan of The Mars Volta I approve. It's very chaotic, but together and tight. It seems like it would be difficult to get such music together properly.