Poll: How long have you been playing guitar?
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View poll results: How long have you been playing guitar?
Under 6 months
17 8%
Between 6 months and 1 year
26 12%
1 - 2 years
53 25%
2 - 3 years
48 23%
3 - 4 years
19 9%
4 - 5 years
18 9%
5 - 7 years
14 7%
7 - 10 years
4 2%
10 - 20 years
4 2%
20+ years
8 4%
Voters: 211.
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Hi everyone. I just want to see the demographics here. Just curious. You can pick the date when you got your first guitar or when you started taking guitar seriously; whatever you think is the closest representation of your "playing age" (for lack of better term.)
86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.
I'm a ****ing infant...next March I might qualify for Toddler...

over 1.5 years...March will be 2...yay...I'm already better than I thought I'd be at 2 years...still suck tho...lol
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4-5 years on and off, just got serious again in January
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1-2 years for me.. I'm better than a lot of people who say they've been playing around the same time. But i still suck
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2 years for me. Yep I've got a long way to go...
86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.
at least 15- 18 years off and on
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Almost 5 years. Probably more seriously for about 2 and a half.
i find it interesting that most people are 1-2 years. thats what i fall into as well but a big chunk of people are 1-2 years, and i think it's because after people learn the ropes, they either A) quit, or B) don't bother wasting there time on these forums. lolz...
I got my first guitar for my 10th birthday, and I'm 30 now, so over 20 years. Haven't exactly spent hours every day playing though. Sometimes i just pick up one of my guitars and knock out a few chords or riffs. I have to pick one up every day, at least pluck a note or two.
Lets see....

I got my FIRST guitar when I was 7, (an old nylon string Yamaha, cost around $70), took jazz guitar lessons for a year and quit. Then started again when I was in middle school, got my first electric guitar (Squier Strat pack FTW!) at xmas time when I was in the 7th grade. So... lets see, I was 13 at that time. I will be 21 this November, so a few months shy of 8 years now. And in that time, I have owned four guitars, three amplifiers, and have lost more pedals than I currently own.

And after all this time, I still suck, LOL.
Just started in like the middle of july :P i have no idea about them but i can play some rock songs
the most accurate guess would be somewhere in the region of 7-10 years.. although i can't really remember when i started, i just know that i still like that old classical guitar i started on
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2 years 7 months.

I'm only 11.

I'd consider myself decent.
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About 5 years...with a year and half hiatus...eh I'm okay now, definitely much better before I lost interest and took the break.
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A bit over 8 years
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it has been 4 years since i bought my first acoustic guitar

however, i feel like i have only been seriously playing for 2 years.
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Quote by Necropeth91
9 years on and off. Seriously for about 2.

exactly the same here.
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So approximately 50% of the people on UG have played for 1-3 years. Interesting.
86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.
An actually interesting demographic poll? No WAI!!!

From the moment I got a guitar 5 years
Time playing maybe 3 ish

But about a year ago I really started play with a serious mindset, so I picked 1-2 years.
about 3 years, but I am better than I thought I would ever get... I'm not saying I am great, but I really enjoy what I play and I think guitar is just fascinating.


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I bought my acoustic in February, but didn't even really pick it up and start playing seriously til beginng of April. So almost 4 months at about 2-3 hours a day...

I have a long way to go.
Got my first acoustic about 4 years ago when I was in college but didn't take it seriously and oh man that instrument was a certified piece of junk haha. In the past year or so since I purchased worthy guitar is when I actually got more into playing. So 4 years if counting my first guitar, but really only 1 serious year of playing. And I'm happy with how far I've come just teaching myself.
I have been playing seriously since I've been here.

By seriously I mean I really wanted to learn chords, read Tab, understand how everything works, etc.

I googled Guitar Tabs and found this site. Lol. Now I'm addicted and can't let go. It's all good and I'm learning a lot.
A little over a year and I'm very happy with my abilites so far. Nothing incredable but I'm a lot better than I expected I'd be now.
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Nearly 5 years but I don't sit down and practise I just rock out lol

Haha, same here. I should probably start to some real practicing (like with a metronome and stuff.) But i just improvise and learn zeppelin and van halen songs.
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