It's a sad day, the day you wake up and realize that you're not the
most important person to the person who's most important to you, which
coincides with the day you wake up and say, "It's a beautiful day to
start heroin."
Poor advice.
Surprised to see something so poetic from someone whose user title is "Semen Bath". Very nice poem. Too true.
Quote by Shredder XXX
how about the way your entire country generalizes a culture by the actions of a few, citing any Americans idea of a middle eastern person.
Damn man, that's deep.

I like how it's really just saying like; y'know, without the person that you needed most, you need to find another fix to give you the high that person gave you.

to me, that's more or less what this is about.

nice man.
real nice.
Amazingly true and insightful, and well worded too.

ONLY possible thing I could see wrong was the "...sad day, the day..." part, the use of day twice in close succession bugged me just a little bit. In the end, it hardly mattered to the piece as a whole.
I didn't like it. Felt like you wrote down some depressing feeling and posted it on here. The phrasing was extremely awkward, and based on that alone this disappointed me, considering your flow is often above par.
I don't know if it's true or not, but it feels like you're not putting effort in anymore.
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