So I'm going to tackle the solo to "Play With Me" by Extreme, and nearly the entire solo is composed of triplets, sextuplets, and septuplets(sp?) but my metronome(which is built into my effects pedal) can't do those settings, so what I ask of you, UG, is to help me figure out how to count them when I decrease the BPM to learn the solo better.

I apologize if it's a little vague
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if its a triplet, then just say trip - el - et in the span of two notes ( eigth note triplets take a quarter, quarter notes take a half etc)

as for the others... thats a bit trickier. make something up with 7 syllables.
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If it's in 4/4, then the beats in a bar will be:

1 2 3 4

When playing triplet eighths, you can divide each of those beats into 3 like this:

1+2 2+2 3+2 4+2

As for sextuplets and septuplets, you have to do something similar, but it will be a lot harder.